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   Through a study in 6 countries, the usefulness of Multistakeholder and even bringing the policy and implementation closer together has been practically demonstrated.

   These initiatives that WSIS uses as an opportunity to create an impetus and catalyze new initiatives given in a tripartite way for the Summit that involves government, civil society and the private sector are taking the shape of a two peak summit - Geneva 2003 and Tunis 2005. Daniel Pimienta presented the methodology that Funredes developed, under the auspices of UNDP and INDOTEL, for consultations to the Dominican society to make it a contributor of the definition of the national strategy for the information society.

Methodologie of participative multistakeholder consultations for a process of national strategy for information society.
Presentation of methodology:
Kit of consultations: KIT DE CONSULTA PENSI (Spanish)

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